Memorials for Ron Allen

Dear friends in LA and Detroit:

There are 2 memorials happening this month and next, and more to come. The first is this Monday.

In LA - 
Ron's band just announced they will perform here and also provide an open mic to his friends at 8pm.
Monday, September 13th
Industry Cafe & Jazz
6039 Washington Blvd
Culver City
2 Blocks west of La Cienega

In Detroit

Following Zen tradition, on Tuesday, September 28th, at 6 p.m., there will be a 49th Day Memorial 
Ceremony at Still Point Zen Buddhist Temple to honor the life and boundless spirit of ordained Dharma
Teacher Bodhidharma Ron Allen. 

Still Point Zen Buddhist Temple

the ego insufficiency dance

what is real
in the machine
the head machine
on the wiggle
of a molecule
speaking in tongues
from architectures
of the unknown
this random intelligence
in the thick wind
in the real moisture
penetrating eyes
in deep reason
of oval thoughts
in centrifuge spirals
of the walking
erect as vertical horizons
in the evolved
in pre-language
minding the blizzard of
velocity and dreams
weighed in truth
in reciprocal flesh
and sundry time
this is ego transcended
in the flat weeds of nothing
as if nothing
is to be
in our fist
grasping itself

urban poem # 1

we are
open like summer
you are
incandescent in my mouth
folded inside
steam escapes
molecular faults
in our tongues
as we broil on the
desert flame
of form and content
our language fails us
and falls into
at once
and destroyed
where red is no longer
a color
but flesh
twisted into galaxies
of smoke
and teeth
fingers vulcanoes
inside of our
tower of mutated
you are
liquid sepia valleys
of real engineered
and fonts
here we are
dung of
an architecture of
weeds tinctured
in our soil
we rise like
we exist
in quasi- death
rushing over
the cliff
this deadly dance
of the holy
male female
search for

Dead in a Western Movie

dead in a western movie
lukewarm smoothies
runnin sap wind
information honey
on the astrology of hate
memories of conundrum
international shift shapes
print money
rob nites store gunny
time rolodex riff raff
in the weekend trash
cell conflict
hierarchical chopsticks
dead in a western movie
lukewarm smoothies
fissure blood eye
street blind catheter
korean third eye
blood shot characters
Freddie Kruger
german luger
people block bullets
capitol slave
neon raves
running dogs
on the cusp
rabid politicians
media emissions
dead in a western movie
lukewarm smoothies
predestined hypnotism
overeatened capitalism
pit bull prayers
sloppy genetics
algebraic stairs
pipe dream dianetics
crushed elephants
on welfare
telepathic time shares
dead in a western movies
international smoothies


tumbling on the wall
tight in the wind
I swallow
and climb
in the withering city
that I speak into existence
that tethers the wire
of weak wary states
of ecstasy
and dramatic suicides
this is where I crawl
in erect enslavement
where I stand and breathe out
coiled word
shrunk in my loins
like genetic barbies
strung to my genitalia
like sweat.
I curse the maker of this
worn like treason
and renounce this law
I am teeming
and freeways are
where I make love
in the struggle of sirens
and pisssed streets
of escapist sex
and barren ecologies
I am in the deep
sleep of humanity

Friday Night

Painted hot as spit
on the greased boulevard
clothes in sharp attention
Friday cool
whiskey and blood
light and dark
and midnight pussy
screaming up you thigh
esoteric ancient codes
played in the 4/4 dress
of game
high on cigarettes
and doo rags
in the mellow trip
easy money
on the cut of dice
and cards
moving in the spine
recharging the gene pool
discharging pheromones
in 2am shadows
the dance is high bop
on the testosterone LPs
and 45s
jail is retreat
and crime is repeat
welfare pork
and juke joint murder
on time in blue
cabs and snow
my lady stripped of possession
and in love
is my real stash
cool is the fool of the day
down with hustle and pimped
free love and Cadillacs
shoe polish
and slick hair on Friday night
is thick and home
cattin with fatback and
pencil mustaches
fake goatees and ripple
my hand is the queen
quick to speak
and love is the ultimate trump
on this freeway
of turned on hype
and I piss into the wind
and turn the page
the future
and old poolsharks
and look for Saturday morning
with hope.


infinity is here
always shows its face
never tells truth
it lies in form
and prays to itself
in tongues of cement
and slate
its eyes are perfect
and speaks in sentences
circular and worn elements
it is peak dream sleep
death in drag
a slur silent whisper
in the crux of high noon
a back door
windows of steel curtains
pretending not to see
a unmeasured walk
into the between
emergent as a hand
touching to ashes
of life and chorus
where time is the
bastard child of man
and humans sleep
as they walk the length
of the every moment

A Tribute to Ron Allen

by Edahn Small

Ron Allen,
Wisdom archeologist,
Guardian of arcane legends
Wrapped tightly in shades of baby blue.

Listen closely
To the silent whispers of midnight neural factions
Conspiring to dethrone the kings of greed and arrogance
And replace them with cola-flavored isotopes.

A cybernetic axon
Smuggling savage love
Into the shadows of unwitting victims,
Snaking its way into the unconscious mind
And retuning it for strategic dissonance.

Breathing in,
Breathing out,
The soundtracks of tomorrow reverberate today,
Hidden in abandoned quantum fields,
Hidden in invisible dimensions,
Hidden in the psychologies of madmen with perfect vision.

Kick snare,
Kick kick snare,
The camouflage arrhythmia forever goes undetected.

If you think you understand,
You don’t.

Other Projects by Ron Allen

Ron Allen was a prolific poet and artist, influencing people with his thoughts, words, and presence. Below is a working collection of other projects he embarked on. If you want to add a link, please leave a comment below and I'll incorporate it into the main post.

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