Code Zero Music

Code Zero is a collection of talents gifts and journeys that impact upon the bacteria called earth. Code Zero is the brainchild of the weightless language laboratory that exist in ron allen’s mind. We conjugate and explore the heightened sensibilities of imagination and language to render alchemy in multi dimensions. This is our music.

We layer jazz riffs with heavy jazz modulated tonality.

Bass lines that underscored and produce the groove.

Poetry that create earth and ether unification.

We are mathematicians in the groove.

We are expanded tongues firing the sun.

We are play and creation in the vortex of aesthetics.

We are coming soon.

We are soon come.

~Citizens of the groove~

Ron Allen - vocals

Sarah Cruse - vocals

Cengiz Yaltkaya - keys

Randy Belfield - drums

Phil Ross - horns

Tom Hamasu - bass

Our first CD Frequency of Nothing features Tony Parker on bass.