A Tribute to Ron Allen

by Edahn Small

Ron Allen,
Wisdom archeologist,
Guardian of arcane legends
Wrapped tightly in shades of baby blue.

Listen closely
To the silent whispers of midnight neural factions
Conspiring to dethrone the kings of greed and arrogance
And replace them with cola-flavored isotopes.

A cybernetic axon
Smuggling savage love
Into the shadows of unwitting victims,
Snaking its way into the unconscious mind
And retuning it for strategic dissonance.

Breathing in,
Breathing out,
The soundtracks of tomorrow reverberate today,
Hidden in abandoned quantum fields,
Hidden in invisible dimensions,
Hidden in the psychologies of madmen with perfect vision.

Kick snare,
Kick kick snare,
The camouflage arrhythmia forever goes undetected.

If you think you understand,
You don’t.

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