Friday Night

Painted hot as spit
on the greased boulevard
clothes in sharp attention
Friday cool
whiskey and blood
light and dark
and midnight pussy
screaming up you thigh
esoteric ancient codes
played in the 4/4 dress
of game
high on cigarettes
and doo rags
in the mellow trip
easy money
on the cut of dice
and cards
moving in the spine
recharging the gene pool
discharging pheromones
in 2am shadows
the dance is high bop
on the testosterone LPs
and 45s
jail is retreat
and crime is repeat
welfare pork
and juke joint murder
on time in blue
cabs and snow
my lady stripped of possession
and in love
is my real stash
cool is the fool of the day
down with hustle and pimped
free love and Cadillacs
shoe polish
and slick hair on Friday night
is thick and home
cattin with fatback and
pencil mustaches
fake goatees and ripple
my hand is the queen
quick to speak
and love is the ultimate trump
on this freeway
of turned on hype
and I piss into the wind
and turn the page
the future
and old poolsharks
and look for Saturday morning
with hope.

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